Psychometric Assessments

The Gifted Academy, and through our professional employees and international associates, presents world class accredited Psychometric assessments for corporates, enterprises and government bodies.

About the Assessment Programme

It is becoming increasingly standard practice for  employers in all areas, commercial, governmental, educational…to employ  psychometric assessments to identify the appropriate person for a coveted and much-needed job. Such assessments deliver an objective measurement  of a candidate’s competencies, abilities, personality characteristics and above all- motivation. This enables an employer to build a complete picture of the person and assess their suitability for a role in a manner which has been driven by independent engines.

Assessments are frequently deployed as one tool of a multi-stage recruitment process, alongside application forms/CVs,  exercises and one on one  interviews.

Who Takes the Test?

Psychometric assessments are used as part of an appraisal review or learning and development program. By asking individuals and teams to complete some assessments, you can gain valuable insight into individual strengths and development areas, as well as seeing how the team-the aggregate of the individuals-functions together. This can help to evolve further training and development plans. Any individual within a company can be a subject for assessment. Also assessment can be taken for future recruits and potential employees for recruitment purposes.

Types of asssessments

Ability tests

Ability tests measure a person’s capacity to perform or carry out different tasks and have been found to be the strongest predictor of future job performance. The tests most commonly used are:

  • Verbal – these are designed to measure a person’s ability to interpret verbal information and reach correct conclusions. Verbal reasoning ability is important for any work involving the communication of ideas or the understanding of written information. It can also be important for work requiring analytical thinking.
  • Numerical – these are designed to measure a person’s ability to analyze, assimilate and draw inferences from numerical information and data. Numerical reasoning ability is essential for a variety of roles where working with data is key.
  • Logical – these are designed to test a person’s ability to analyze abstract information and apply this in determining outcomes and patterns. Logical reasoning ability is important for a variety of roles requiring advanced or complex problem-solving.
  • Checking – these are designed to test a person’s ability to compare information accurately and quickly. Checking ability is important for a variety of roles where you need to check, compare and evaluate disparate forms of information.