Mind Mapping for Corporates

Master the infinitely versatile creative thinking tool, used by over 250 million people worldwide and within organizations such as Apple, the United Nations, Disney, and NASA.

During our 4 days fully accredited Mind Mapping training course, you will learn the core principles of Mind Mapping, the science behind why it works, and how to apply it effectively using the iMindMap software.

Mind Mapping for Gifted and Talented Students

Mind Maps are ideal for teaching and presenting concepts in the classroom as they provide a useful focus for students, delivering an overview of the topic without superfluous information. Perfect for introducing a new subject in a way which is accessible and easy to follow, Mind Maps are an excellent way to present concepts and ideas. Now, with the advent of iMindMap’s award winning Presentation Mode, you can be sure to keep your students engaged and amazed as your branches smoothly animate to show your next point.

About Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is one of the best ways to capture your thoughts and bring them to life in visual form. Beyond just note-taking, Mind Maps can help you become more creative, remember more, and solve problems more effectively. A meta-study about Mind Mapping concluded that concept Mind Mapping is more effective than "reading text passages, attending lectures, and participating in class discussions". The same study also concluded that concept mapping is more effective "than other constructive activities such as writing summaries and outlines". In addition, they concluded that high ability students are becoming more effective and creative.