• Potential Leaders in an organization.
  • Experienced managers who lead other managers and seniors professionals.
  • Operational, group, or departmental managers.
  • Leaders who work up, down, and across the organization.

Who Takes the Programme

Sabila Din

Head of Corporate Training,

Leadership and Development Programmes

Ms. Sabila offers a career as a corporate executive and as an entrepreneur. She offers a wealth of global experience in management, corporate development, and marketing, enabling organizations and their team to become ‘best in class’. The financial services sector is a strong focus and she has helped to start and build 6 institutions and transform 5 across EMEA and Asia.

The female economy is a key aspect of Sabila’s work. Here she advises governments and companies on female talent development. Sabila worked as Commercial and Marketing Director ABN AMRO, Bank Asia and managed several media and marketing agencies in the UK and Asia.

Ms. Sabila is specialized in Leadership Programmes and Corporate Development.

Leadership Programme

The Leadership Programme offered by the Gifted Academy is a high-end Program.  Using latest methods of bringing out the Leader Genius in an individual through one to one training program, tailored programmes, task programs and Leadership Talent Programs.